Coma Part III – Human Side of Memories

One thing I haven't talked about what was going on in my life at the time I went into my coma. We had just moved from Denver, Colorado, to about twenty miles east of Colorado Springs and we lived a 35-acre ranch on the sandy plains. There were only about four neighbors within a mile … Continue reading Coma Part III – Human Side of Memories

It all about routines

I got up and weighed this morning. Since the end of August I have lost 50 pounds. With me having lipedema it is a remarkable achievement. I think what has helped the most is my daily routine. First of all, I tend to have the same thing for breakfast, about an hour or so after … Continue reading It all about routines

Sitting Beside a Coma

Cee has written the first part of her coma story, and I thought I’d write my side of it... what it’s like to sit beside the bed of someone you love dearly while they lie in a coma and on a ventilator. Coma. What an intimidating word. When the doctors tell you that your loved … Continue reading Sitting Beside a Coma

Searching for Joyful Feelings

Cee and I have been looking for ways to increase the joy in our lives. We've been exercising our "joy muscles" by finding the things that bring us joy and opening ourselves up to others. It's been great fun. One thing that we needed to do was to figure out what joy felt like. If … Continue reading Searching for Joyful Feelings

Enter the Mummy

Week of September 4th, 2019: Cee has lost 30 pounds since she got out of the hospital, all of it fluid basically in her right leg. It’s half the size it was a week ago. So amazing! We started wrapping the other leg, so she’s a mummy on both of her lower legs. Her legs … Continue reading Enter the Mummy

Why would anyone want to work with people like me?

It was hard to judge the emotions behind Cee’s question. I could hear concern, despair, futility and curiosity in her voice, all blended into a heart-wrenching question. She was saying that the world had branded her an abject failure, someone to ridicule for being fat and lazy, lacking self control and pride in her appearance. … Continue reading Why would anyone want to work with people like me?