About Chris

Chris’ real passion is helping people through loss and grief so that they can live the most fulfilling life possible. She has ten years experience as a grief worker, facilitating support groups for grieving families, and has taken the training and been certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist.

She also has extensive experience being the caregiver for a chronically ill person. Cee has Lyme disease, which almost killed her in 2001 when she had multiple organ failure and slipped into a coma. Together they have worked hard to research Lyme and manage Cee’s condition. It’s a difficult disease to live with. When Cee could no longer work, Chris has been juggling a full time job and taking care of Cee, through two more episodes of multiple organ failure and the recent hypertensive crisis that led to Cee’s diagnosis of lipedema.

Chris enjoys reading non-fiction along with the occasional mystery novel, and usually has five or six books going at once. Cee is very thankful for Kindle because it keeps their home from being overrun with Chris’ books. Chris also likes to collect musical instruments that she doesn’t know how to play… yet. She also practices qigong and loves rowing. She’s looking forward to the time when the two of them can hike and camp again, like they used to do many years ago.

Chris has been Cee’s partner in life for over thirty years, being married when the laws were changed to allow same sex marriage in Oregon. They enjoy living in the Pacific northwest of the United States, along with their cat Freddie and their two pugs, Digi and Maddie.