About Cee

She started The Lipedema Sisterhood as a way of sharing her reactions and insights to being diagnosed and working through the treatment for lipedema.

Cee Neuner was diagnosed with lipedema in September 2019. Her condition went undiagnosed until she was hospitalized with an attack of critically high blood pressure brought on by Lyme Disease. When the occupational therapist came to evaluate her prior to discharge from the hospital, he noticed the terrible edema in her legs, lower torso and arms. That was the magic answer to a question that had baffled many doctors over the years.

When she was younger, Cee tried diet and exercise to control her weight, and while she would have temporary success, the weight always returned. She tried Overeaters Anonymous, diuretics, herbal remedies, and various exercise programs like Jazzercise and tennis. She was an active person, enjoying roller skating, running, bowling, camping and hiking. Nothing would control the growing size of her body. From her mid-twenties until she was finally diagnosed at age 58, she had grown to almost 400 pounds.

Please join her on her journey as she comes to understand her body in a new way, and tries the most successful therapies known for a condition that has no cure. You are welcome to ask questions and share your experiences.