10 thoughts on “Pick Me Up – Yellow roses signify …

          1. I’m happy to hear, that you are doing real well, Cee.
            I should have been traveling to Denmark to get my mothers urn in the soil in April, but needed to cancel because of the the Corona Virus, where we are only allowed to leave our home for the most necessary shopping and this will at least go on until the 26. of April. More than 40 days in isolation. I need to be able to take a walk in freedom sometimes, but this must wait too.


              1. I do really miss to have a garden now, Cee. Just to be able to go out into ones garden is allowed. I do have a balcony, but nothing can grow here, as we use to have much smog from driving and factories. The best here now is the blue sky, as use to look more grey/blueish.


                1. St least you have your beautiful jewelry to keep your creativity going. I know it is corny, but this too will pass. That’s what I’m gelling myself at least. Blogging has really helped me. I am always thinking of ways to hopefully give someone a smile even if it only last for a second or two.

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