It all about routines

I got up and weighed this morning. Since the end of August I have lost 50 pounds. With me having lipedema it is a remarkable achievement. I think what has helped the most is my daily routine.

First of all, I tend to have the same thing for breakfast, about an hour or so after I awake. It may vary a little bit, but with my diabetes it is much easier to keep a simple and basic routine for food and meal times. My breakfast usually consists of protein bars or protein drinks. I use Vega Products because they don’t add any preservatives and use plant-based protein.

I try to get at least 10 minutes of cardio workout 4 or 5 times a week. That usually consists of a stationary bike, walking or housework. Six months ago I could barely walk the house and walking a block was out of the question. So I’m slowly getting more mobile and can walk and stand for quite a while now.

I play Lumosity brain games daily, to keep my mind active. What I like about their games is they are visual, which goes with the way I think and see the world. Another bonus is that I can play them either on my laptop or my phone. For those of you who are more literary in thinking or are writers, you may find Elevate to be more your style of brain games. Chris loves it.

The other thing I do on a daily basis is meditate. We found a phone application, called Balance, that taught us how to meditate and which allows to focus on relaxing the mind and body. It’s a meditation that grows as you grow your own practice.

My nighttime routine is basically simple. Chris and I usually relax and watch TV until we go to bed. There are a couple of basic rules we follow. We turn the lights off in the TV room an hour before we go to bed. We also only watch happy feeling shows. Then once in bed, Chris will usually massage one or both of my legs which relaxes us even more. We usually go to sleep within minutes of putting our heads on our pillows.

Next Monday I will post another coma post. Next week I’ll talk about Ana, a friend who visited me, Chris taking an 8-day vacation, the zamboni machine and ice rink, and my respiratory therapist, and finally staph infection I had which brought me out of my coma.

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16 thoughts on “It all about routines

  1. It sounds like, that you have found a great routine, as is working for you, Cee πŸ˜€
    I’m happy to read, that you are able to walk again. Even small walks give us much joy.
    Continue to take good care of yourself ❀


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