My Personal Gold Medal

Good day to you all. Chris and I saw a movie this past weekend about the American Women’s Olympic Cycling Team who won the Silver Medal in the London Games in 2012. It was a story about the American team being underdogs. Because the US Cycling Team had been decimated by the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, the women’s team didn’t have the support of money or people to train like the top three countries. You can see the trailer for Personal Gold: An Underdog Story Movie at the bottom of this post. This movie reminded of our life with me having lipedema.

Treatment for lipedema is expensive and you need a team of specialists and support people to help you achieve your goal of not only losing weight, but getting control of your life and the disease.

I am fortunate Chris works from home and has a good job. She can help me get into my compression gear. My lower legs, upper arms, and knees compression garments are impossible to do by myself. She also helps with my Flexitouch Suits for both legs and arms. About the only thing she has not needed to help me with are my compression shorts that I wear.

There aren’t a lot of professionals therapists or doctors who even know what lipedema is, let alone knows how to treat it. We are having to figure it out basically with little professional help and knowledge and little money. I could fly to parts of Europe and get treatment and there are a few awesome doctors in the USA. Dr . Karen L. Herbst, would be one doctor in the USA, I would love to see and seek out treatment with. But money and traveling is out of the question.

My physical therapist, Jackie, Chris and I are working hard at giving me my life back and we are winning our own Personal Gold Medal. We can be our own cheerleaders and champion our own recovery.

Please feel free to reach out and tell us your story of pain, struggle and success. We are in this together and the stronger we get, the more we can heal ourselves and others.

7 thoughts on “My Personal Gold Medal

  1. Cee, I think your situation is very difficult, in a country with expensive health care. From doing a survey with Chris, I know how this has affected your lives, both past and future choices. You are both extraordinary and talented and I wish you success in finding and maintaining balance in your lives,all the while sure you will find it.


  2. I often think of how fortunate I am to have a husband willing to do for me. Although I am no longer bedridden; I still am limited in what I can do. Ric does the driving, much of the cooking, and all of the shopping. He is patient and always kind. A gold medal winner for sure!


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