New Years Hike and Adventure

After taking a short blogging break for the holidays and New Years, I thought I would start back by sharing a fun adventure Chris and I had on New Years Day.

It was a partially sunny day to start with, the first sunny day we had in what seemed like weeks. We decided to drive to a town that caters to tourists called Silverton here in Oregon. I found all sorts of things to photograph.

We then headed up to Silver Falls and stopped at and took a small walk. We also stopped at one of the waterfalls just as the skies opened up with lots of rain.

(Note: Photo taken through the windshield)

When we first got to Silver Falls we drove around and I took some photos from the car. Then I noticed a trail that I wanted to get a photo of. The trail turned left and out of site so I couldn’t see down the trail. I decided to get out of the car and go see what was beyond the left turn. It wasn’t too long before I told Chris she had walk part of the trail with me. We took some photos and I had a grand time walking among the large Douglas Fir Trees that Oregon is known for. I so adored the sound of the trail beneath my feet.

It had been many a year that I was actually walking on a trail. The past month or so, I’ve had a hard time. I’ve had lots pain and reaction to all the compression, so this little walked seemed like a huge pay off for me.

When we got back to Silverton, we started to notice murals on many of the buildings. I photographed some from the car, but for a lot of them I had to jump out of the car and find a good angle. Getting in and out of the car, was almost impossible for me in August, but here I am moving normally. What a joy it is to have mobility!

42 thoughts on “New Years Hike and Adventure

  1. Great photos Cee and you look happy to be able to walk again 😀
    Often we forget to appreciate our mobility, until the day we get challenges to this. I’m also grateful to be able to walk again.


  2. Hi Cee,
    Silver Falls is one of my favorite Oregon haunts. My Mother lives in Woodburn and we often take a day when visiting and go for a hike. Beautiful shots. Best wishes, I so enjoy your photo challenges. I’m not much of a photographer myself, but really enjoy others takes on the world.


  3. That is such a wonderful post. I’ve been thinking about you and your compression and dream to camp again. Now I know you’re well on your way.


  4. So happy for you, Cee! The sounds and scents of firs and nature walks are essential to me, and a gift when we all can enjoy it. My soul rejoices in your recovering! ♥ You look content and happy – I hope you will get many more walks 2020!


  5. Love your photo taken through the windshield. The clouds are gorgeous in the brilliant blue sky. So happy for you that you are now able to get out and about. Walking that trail must have felt wonderful. Here’s to many more such outings this year. xx 🙂


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