Why Lipedema Sisterhood?

I’m Cee. I’m not fat. I have lipedema.

I am starting this Lipedema Sisterhood blog as a way of sharing my reactions and insights to being diagnosed with this disorder.  I also want to share how I work through the treatment for lipedema.  My condition went undiagnosed until late August 2019, so I’ll be writing about all sorts of experiences as they happen.

When I was younger, I tried diet and exercise to control my weight, and that worked but the weight always returned.  Over the years, I tried Overeaters Anonymous, diuretics, herbal remedies, and various exercise programs like Jazzercise and tennis. 

I was an active person when I was younger, enjoying roller skating, running, bowling, camping and hiking, but nothing would control the growing size of my body. Despite all of that, from my mid-twenties until I was diagnosed at age 58, I had grown to almost 400 pounds.

I was hospitalized with extremely high blood pressure due to Lyme disease.  When the occupational therapist came to evaluate me prior to discharge from the hospital, he noticed the terrible edema in my legs and recommended that I see a physical therapist who specializes in lipedema.  That was a magical moment.  It was the beginning of understanding how my body really works.

Please join me on my new journey, as I come to understand my body in a new way, and try the most successful therapies known for a condition that has no cure. You are welcome to ask questions and share your experiences.

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